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CQPweb is a web-based corpus analysis system developed by Andrew Hardie. Some of the functions available in CQPweb are: concordancing; collocations; distribution tables and charts; frequency lists; and keywords or key tags. CQPweb @ OLA


TEITOK is a web-based platform for viewing, creating, and editing corpora with both rich textual mark-up and linguistic annotation developed by Maarten Janssen. Corpus files are stored as annotated TEI/XML file and can be viewed in a range of different ways such as facsimile-aligned text views, original or normalized text rendering, wave-form aligned views, etc. Coming soon!


Timbila is a system for managing, storing and processing texts and their metadata. Developed by Andressa Gomide, this tool is particularly useful for contexts in which automatic text retrieval is not possible. Coming soon!


Repique is a corpus annotation toolchain, currently being developed by Andressa Gomide and João Fekete. It contains modules for cleaning, processing, sentence segmentation, tokenization and annotation of texts. Coming soon!



Here you can find an array of materials (courses, manuals, guides) to learn how to use the tools available on OLA. Coming soon!


A list of publications related to or employing the resources available on OLA. Coming soon!


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